Not Your Momma's Station Wagon

You read that rightthese aren’t your mom’s 70’s station wagon she use to drag you to soccer practice in. These beasts were born to wreak havoc. Fast Wagons were born in the 2021 Hot Wheels Car Culture mix 2. Station wagons were a household staple and even Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) took his family on a road trip from Chicago to SoCal in one in a true movie classic, National Lampoon’s Vacation. You remember, right? Wally’s World and all the shenanigans the Griswold’s got into. Enough about them because, well, that wagon was whack. We’re here to talk about the wagons your parents would never buy.

The Griswolds National Lampoon's Vacation to Wally's world

Most station wagons were made to be driven from point A to point B and get there safely. Not these guys. These Fast Wagons were designed and built to be driven fast. In other words, built to win, and win big. So, let’s meet the gang.

’69 Skyline Van – So why does the name have a “Van” in it, it’s a station wagon right?! Well in Japan, where this car was made, the meaning of “van” is used more loosely in its definition. Slammed to the ground with side view mirrors mounted on the hood, this bad boy stands in a league of its own.

69 Nissan Skyline Van Hot Wheels Car Culture Fast Wagons Premium Real Riders

’64 Chevy Nova Panel – What would a station wagon set be without some good ole fashioned America Muscle V8 power! With it’s hot-rod heritage under the hood, this one stood the test of station wagon time. Another slammed-to-the- ground wagon with chrome wheels brings an American classic feel to this set.

64 Chevy Nova Panel Hot Wheels Car Culture Fast Wagons Premium Real Riders

’17 Audi RS 6 Avant – While this isn’t the first time, we have seen this Audi casting, it’s most definitely the first time we’ve been able to snag it in its premium form. Lowered just right, full metal body and rubber tires, this one is much more affordable than its life-sized counterpart. That’s right, the real deal is the same price as a Porsche 911……. what?!!!

17 Audi RS 6 Avant Hot Wheels Car Culture Fast Wagons Premium Real Riders

Volvo P220 Amazon Wagon – Introducing a new casting that decided it was too good for the mainline transition. That’s OK though. When you’re named after a fictional character that dominated their enemy, you get this type of royal treatment. You can even double down given the wins of rally races overseas and up North aye (that Canadian accent).

Volvo P220 Amazon Wagon Hot Wheels Car Culture Fast Wagons Premium Real Riders

Volvo 850 Estate – Hot Wheels has proven this casting to be a success in mainlines with solid colors, fun racing deco and other cool paint jobs. But this is the first time the Estate will see rubberrubber tires that is. Equipped with Real Riders and a metal base for that “sturdy” feel, you’ll find yourself making those blow-off valve noises.

Volvo 850 Estate Hot Wheels Car Culture Fast Wagons Premium Real Riders

While station wagons were something you consistently saw on the road during the 70’s in America, the culture was bigger worldwide. The U.S. finally started getting some of the “cool kids” and they finally caught. They still aren’t for everyone, but at least they look AWESOME in premium Hot Wheels castings. They’re a must-add to your collection, whether you decide to keep them carded or loose. Get yours today while supplies last!

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