Our two sons love cars. As they started playing with and asking for toy cars, Hot Wheels quickly became a favorite in our household. And, our collection quickly grew to include other brands, such as M2 Machines, Johnny Lightning, Matchbox and more. Over and over we made trips to stores (Wal-mart & Target were the boys' favorites) hoping to find the coveted chase cars, Super Treasure Hunts, "raw" pieces, hard-to-find castings, and enjoy "the hunt" with our boys. While everyone wants to get their hands on the "good stuff," we always looked for those fun castings that we enjoyed, or raced fast on the orange track. The boys raced our finds down the Hot Wheels 6 Lane Raceway, tried to beat the dinosaur down the track and even avoided getting knocked-off by the Gorilla in the Ultimate Garage.

Over time we realized how difficult it can be to find certain castings. And sometimes to find any diecast cars in stock at all, for that matter. We always gravitated towards the 1/64th scale models when they were on the pegs; we didn't have enough room for the bigger cars. As more and more entered our shopping cart and made their way into our house, a new family hobby was born.

We quickly felt that we couldn't be the only ones having difficulty finding these diecast cars and we wanted to be able to bring them to other collectors and enthusiasts at comparable prices to the big box stores with added convenience. Plus, we also have those rare chase cars, Super Treasure Hunts and other hard-to-find pieces in addition to the mainlines; so you can complete your collection in one place. And that is how Diecast 164 was born.