Hot Wheels 2022 Oscar Mayer Weiner Monster Truck Treasure Hunt


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  • Hot Wheels Oscar Mayer Monster Truck Treasure Hunt
  • First released Treasure Hunt or chase piece in the 2022 Monster Truck Series
  • Your new Treasure Hunt is defined by its char-grilled marks on the dog
  • Signature treasure hunt flame on the front right of your BBQ bun
  • Includes the traditional connect and crash re-usable car
Grab your Weber grill, charcoal, matches newspaper & lighter fluid because it's grilling time. Just don't put your new Hot Wheels Oscar Mayer Hot Dog Monster Truck on there to cook, it will just melt and taste horrible. The family favorite Wienermobile monster truck has arrived in 2022 as the first Treasure Hunt through mix 1. Grab yours today, but don't take a bite, it will result in a dentist visit.

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