Hot Wheels Chase ID Car - '69 COPO Camaro


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  • Hot Wheels '69 COPO Camaro Chase ID Car
  • Enclosed in a traditional carded Hot Wheels package
  • Vehicle is 1/64th in scale
  • The Chevrolet Camaro is number 5 of 8 in the Chase ID 2021 Series
  • Detailed lines, simple deco & sweet livery gives it a realistic look
  • ID Stands for Uniquely Identifiable so that you can scan and digitally collect

    Found in the J case of 2021, this How Wheels ID car is considered a chase since it's carded and not in the traditional ID box. The Camaro sports the awesome Falken Livery that everyone can enjoy. You can proudly display it in the card or get adventurous and take it to the ID track after scanning it, the choice is yours!

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