Hot Wheels ID Car - X-Steam


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  • Hot Wheels X-Steam ID Car
  • Enclosed in a Hot Wheels Flip Box
  • Vehicle is 1/64th in scale
  • The X-Steam is number 2 of 4 in the ID 2021 HW Daredevils Series
  • Detailed lines, fun deco & a chrome finish gives it a realistic look
  • ID Stands for Uniquely Identifiable so that you can scan and digitally collect

    Hot Wheels has developed a new way for collectors and racers to come together with their ID cars. Still 1/64th in scale and ready to race on any track, its original design is to be scanned into the Hot Wheels App and raced on the ID track. Comes in a flip-top box for those collectors who like to display or use it to put it away when you're done setting your record lap time. The X-Steam fantasy casting has no fear. Loops, jumps, crossovers, you name it. There's a reason this one was assigned to the daredevil series.

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