Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live Mega Wrex


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  • Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live Mega Wrex Monster Truck
  • Monster Truck cards & blister condition cannot be guaranteed due to Mattel packaging. Most are in good shape and no blister cracks unless mentioned in the listing. If you want exact condition, please message for specific pictures
  • Part of the Hot Wheels Monster Truck 2022 D Release (Mix 4)
  • Number 7 of 8 in the 2022 Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live Series
  • Numbered 31 of 75 in the 2022 Monster Truck lineup
  • Like a T-Rex in the form of a Hot Wheels Monster Truck
  • Includes the traditional plastic, stackable crush car
While dinosaurs usually like to eat meat, this bad guy like to eat cars for dinner. Don't get in his way or he'll squash you like the bug he thinks you are. Mega Wrex doesn't play nice when it comes to winning. This detailed Hot Wheels Monster Truck comes with a shiny paint scheme and hungry looking teeth. Get yours today!

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