(Pre-order) Hot Wheels Premium Car Culture World Tour 2024 Release A - Sealed Case

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  • DUE IN JUNE OF 2024
  • Pre-order Policy & Information
  • Hot Wheels Premium Car Culture - World Tour 2024 Release A
  • Sealed cases are non-returnable. See our return policy here.
  • Contains 10 individually packaged Premium Hot Wheels Diecast cars
  • Yes there is a CHANCE of a chase with this sealed case.
  • Vehicles are 1/64th in scale with Real Riders (Rubber Tires)
  • With a metal base, the car will feel more "solid" when holding or rolling it
  • Detailed lines, fun deco & sweet paint jobs give them a realistic look
  • Vehicles included in your set:
    • x2 Alfa Romeo GTV6 3.0 (one could be a chase)
    • x2 '82 Toyota Supra
    • x2 Volkswagen Golf MK7
    • x2 Volkswagen Brasilia
    • x2 Audi S4 Quattro

The Hot Wheels Premium Car Culture World Tour 2024 Release A is a highly anticipated collection that has caught the attention of collectors and enthusiasts alike. This series, known for its premium detail and Real Rider wheels, showcases a diverse lineup of vehicles that are not only a testament to automotive design but also to the artistry of Hot Wheels. The set features five unique vehicles, each with its own history and appeal. The Alfa Romeo GTV6 3.0, an Italian classic, is known for its distinctive design and racing heritage. The '82 Toyota Supra, a favorite among sports car enthusiasts, reflects the innovation and performance of its era. The Volkswagen Golf Mk7 represents the evolution of a compact car that has become a global icon. The Volkswagen Brasilia, a lesser-known but equally intriguing model, offers a glimpse into the rich automotive culture of Brazil. Lastly, the Audi S4 quattro, with its blend of luxury and power, completes this eclectic mix. Each model in the World Tour series is a miniature masterpiece, capturing the essence of the full-sized vehicles with an incredible level of detail. From the paintwork to the tampo printing, no aspect is overlooked, ensuring that each car is a worthy addition to any collection. Moreover, the inclusion of a chase car, a rare variant that is sought after for its scarcity, adds an extra layer of excitement for collectors. The chase car in this release, another Alfa Romeo GTV6 3.0, is a coveted prize that many will be eager to find. The Car Culture World Tour series is more than just a set of collectible cars; it's a celebration of automotive culture from around the world. It pays homage to the engineering marvels and design masterpieces that have left a mark on the automotive landscape. For collectors, each car is a piece of history, a tangible connection to the stories and innovations that have shaped our relationship with vehicles. As the series continues to evolve, it promises to bring more of the world's most remarkable cars into the hands of those who appreciate them most. The Hot Wheels Premium Car Culture World Tour 2024 Release A is not just a collection of die-cast models; it's a journey through the world of cars, a tribute to the passion and creativity that drive the automotive industry forward. Collectors can look forward to adding these exceptional pieces to their displays, knowing that they hold a small part of car culture in their hands.

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