Hot Wheels Team Transport 2023 Release V - De Tomaso Pantera Gruppo 4


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  • Hot Wheels Team Transport 2023 Release V #57- De Tomaso Pantera Gruppo 4
  • Contains one Premium Hot Wheels Diecast car & Transport Truck
  • Vehicles are 1/64th in scale with Real Riders (Rubber Tires)
  • With a metal base, the car & truck will feel more "solid" when holding or rolling it
  • Detailed lines, fun deco & colorful Gulf livery gives them a realistic look
  • Vehicles included in your set:
    • x1 De Tomaso Pantera Gruppo 4
    • x1 Second Story Lorry

The Hot Wheels Team Transport series is a line of premium die-cast vehicles that features a car and a transporter truck in matching Gulf livery. The 2023 Release V of this series will include the De Tomaso Pantera Gruppo 4, a rare and exotic Italian sports car that raced in the World Sportscar Championship in the 1970s. The Pantera Gruppo 4 has a sleek and aggressive design, with a mid-mounted Ford V8 engine that produces 450 horsepower. The car is painted in a striking Gulf light blue and orange color scheme, with the number 69 and the De Tomaso logo on the sides. The transporter truck is a custom-built flatbed that can securely carry the Pantera on its back. The truck also has the same blue and orange Gulf. The Hot Wheels Team Transport 2023 Release V - De Tomaso Pantera Gruppo 4 is a must-have for any collector or fan of classic racing cars. This set will be available in limited quantities at select retailers in 2023.

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