Hot Wheels Tricera-Truck 2020 Treasure Hunt


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  • Hot Wheels Tricera-Truck Treasure Hunt
  • Contains one Hot Wheels Diecast Dinosaur Fantasy Casting Vehicle
  • Vehicle is 1/64th in scale with Treasure Hunt Logo on the card
  • Themed like a Triceratops but this one is faster
  • Number 212 of 250 in the mainline set
  • Number 10 of 10 in the Street Beasts 2020 Series
  • This Tricera-Truck is found in 2020 case M

    Grab a basic but fun Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt. A perfect chase piece to get someone interested in collecting diecast cars. Sitting in front of the Hot Wheel Treasure Hunt logo on the card that reminds you that you've found a collectible piece. While this dinosaur looking tuck doesn't have 2 legs, it still has 4 wheels and can fly down the track if you want to race, he may eat the competition.

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