Mini GT MiJo Exclusive Ford GT Mk II #006 - CHASE PIECE

Mini GT

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  • Mini GT MiJo USA Exclusive Ford GT Mk II - Chase #297
  • Designed by TSM Model Scale Signatures
  • Not available in big box retail stores
  • Contains 1 diecast car in a clamshell blister
  • Vehicle is 1/64th in scale with metal body/chassis & rubber tires
  • Detailed lines, awesome deco & an amazing paint scheme gives it a realistic look
    Get your hands on one of these limited run collectibles 1/64th scale diecast cars. This Ford GT Mk II is only one of 140 chases ever made in this configuration. Only 45 Ford GT Mk II cars were ever made being a track-only version of the GT supercar. Powered by a twin-turbo V-6 engine and cranking out over 700 horsepower, it only would have cost you 1.2 million, IF you were allowed to buy one. The shadow black paint and silver racing stripe make this beast a must have for any diecast collector. Get yours today!

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